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Mississippian culture pottery is the ceramic tradition of the Mississippian culture (800 to 1600 CE) found as artifacts in archaeological sites in the American Midwest and Southeast.

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Here’s a quick guide to help you recognize pottery from the different Southwestern Pueblo traditions: carries pottery by artists from the Pueblos and tribes of the Southwest.We buy each piece directly from the artist, so we guarantee is it authentic—handmade using traditional materials and techniques.If you would like more information on any of the pottery styles and designs, please contact us.We believe in an aesthetic that showcases both the hand of the maker and quality in craftsmanship.Each piece of Ephraim art is as unique as the buyer who selects the piece and proudly showcases it in their home.Native American Indian pottery reflects the richness and cultural diversity of the Southwestern pueblo peoples.The varied styles and designs of Pueblo pottery results from the different chemical compositions in the clays mined by each Pueblo, cultural beliefs and, of course, the artists’ imaginations and abilities.I fully managed to form its dating palissy pottery first government there are two groups.The color of the most naturally beautiful strip of high-rise hotels backing onto the beach.The value of this pottery on the illegal antiquities market has led to extensive looting of sites.Mississippian culture pottery was made from locally available clay sources, which often gives archaeologists clues as to where a specific example originated.

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