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Some might go by the pot codes, but those could have been stock a year or more old by the time they were put into the newly finished guitar.

Or perhaps the guitar was even assembled by various parts picked up over the years and is being passed off as "All original".

So, you can't afford that '54 Strat, or that '64, or even that '74 for that matter.

Your last chance to own a vintage Fender Stratocaster is with the guitars of the late 1970's.

However, do so by articulating your appreciation, “Oh what a lovely restaurant you selected. Sure, you’ll find some of the PUA guys advising men not to pay for dates, but remember they have a different goal in mind than relationship-motivated singles.

Splitting the bill “to be fair” is the behavior of women.

First four digits are paired up, 09 is the model number for the Stratocaster, and 00 is the neck configuration, in his case a fretted Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. 38 is the week, 9 stands for the year, 1979, and 3 is the day of the week, which is Wednesday.

The '*' represents a middle digit that is either an 'X', a '-' or something that resembles a '1/2' or '1/4' fraction.

Some dealers simply go by the serial number, which you will discover can be far from accurate.Forty years before Mark Zuckerberg came up with Facebook, a few Harvard students created Operation Match, the precursor to online dating.The New Yorker reports that in 1965, Lewis Altfest, a 25-year-old accountant, and his friend Robert Ross, a computer programmer for IBM, then made their own version: Project TACT (Technical Automated Compatibility Testing) for young New Yorkers living on the Upper East Side.She's a single woman star of a long-running and wildly popular TV show, her work is front and central, and - unlike the fate of so many single women on contemporary dramas and comedies - she does not end up married.In an intriguing book I'm currently reading - - author Katherine J.Adult forces were at work here, and they landed in favor of these young gentlemen.(L) In some circles in the 1970s, wearing a white belt meant you were sporting a “Half Cleveland”.Before the dance, before the date, there was always someone there snapping pictures – preserving the awkwardness and bad fashion sense for posterity.Let’s take a look at some of these photos, all taken from the early 1970s. Any guy can attest: spontaneous erections are no laughing matter.Wearing matching white shoes was termed a “Full Cleveland”.(R) One of the most paralyzingly awkward couples photo I’ve ever seen.

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